Perform a Real Estate Title Search


Title Search Training Manual includes:

55 page PDF training manual includes title abstract forms, work-sheets, and step-by-step description of the property title search.

Whether you learn how to perform a title search for your own use, or to get into the title search business, title abstracting is a valuable skill to learn.

The detailed title search training manual and video modules explain the title search process from beginning to end.

By studying this manual, you will develop the basics of establishing a chain of title, locating liens and mortgages, and creating a title report. The program will also describe how to locate supplemental records, where hidden liens and judgments may exist outside the regular land records, information that is often overlooked by untrained searchers.

Also included is a description of how to join national title search trade organizations, which provide resources for networking and business development. These connections are helpful in developing the experience, over time, needed to perform title searches for a living. The title search course will describe the process of setting up a title search business and building a client list, if you decide to pursue abstracting as a career.

Unit review questions are provided to help you master the material and prepare for the course exam. When you are ready, take the exam. If you are successful, a certificate of completion will be sent following review of the results.