Frequently Asked Questions

Make money performing title searches for other parties who are not able to do searches on their own.

Whether you are an entry-level, inexperienced abstractor who would like to learn the procedures needed to perform real estate title searches, or an experienced professional who would like to brush up on your skills, this course will provide a detailed description of the steps to create a search abstract.

If you are an experienced title abstractor, and would like to increase your business, the marketing tools in this manual will set you on your way toward building a solid customer base.

The title search manual belongs to you, and is yours to keep. The manual contains links to the video modules, which will stream from our server. You may watch them as many times as you like.

All of the steps required to run a title search are described in the manual and video modules. From day one, you will know what steps to perform. Practicing these skills will help you become an expert.

The methods described will help foreclosure investors in two ways. First, you will be able to locate foreclosures on your own, without paying for lists. In fact, by pulling your own foreclosure lists, you will have the most recent filings before anyone else gets to them. You will not need to chase foreclosures that may be weeks or month old, and are being pursued by many other investors who purchased your same list elsewhere.
Also, you can run full searches on your investment target properties, to determine the liens and mortgages. You will be able to flag the properties that do not have a clear title.

If you have any interest in real estate, understanding the title search process will give a full insight into the properties under consideration. You can save on title search fees, and also make money performing title searches for other parties once you have gained adequate experience.

Yes, you will need to down load the interactive PDF Manual document from the order page. This PDF document is designed to be viewed using Adobe PDF viewer (down load here). The manual contain many links to useful webpages, as well as to the complete Title Search Course video library.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of title searching principles and widely recognized procedures. Real estate laws, licensing requirements, standards and practices and locations and appearances of the records, vary from state to state. We strongly recommend that you be familiar with your local requirements before establishing your own title search business. We suggest local training in addition to this course.